To provide and to access better education to implement solutions to the healthcare system.


Jayamukhi works to enhance the quality of life of individuals by strengthening education system and helping students to reach their full potential through learning.

All about our institution

Jayamukhi Educational Society, Hanamakonda, governs Jayamukhi College of Pharmacy, Narsampet, Telangana, India. It was established in 2001 to provide higher education in rural Telangana. Now rural education has the potential to increase the capacity and knowledge of the rural population and allowing them to make better decisions. This college churned out young scholars by combining academic achievement with character development. The university's curriculum is geared toward developing future professionals. In addition to academics, students are taught a self-development curriculum that teaches technical skills, soft skills and life skills to assist graduates manage research, IT industries, hospitals, and human development centres in the future. Within a decade, Jayamukhi has built a niche for itself as a provider of value-based education system

The Board of Directors is composed of both experienced and energetic young people. Individuals who already have served well over a few years in various capacities of social service, as well as professionals from engineering, medical, and associated sectors, lead the organization's management. The members of management working hard with a vision and are inspired by this diverse experiences.

Our alma mater established as scientists, entrepreneurs, educationists, have a reputation for themselves. over the past two decades.

As of today, the society administering more than six colleges and strengthening to meet ever-growing academic needs. The society striving for academic excellence in various fields of higher education

Leaders in research:

Received research and seminar grants from AICTE, New Delhi and SERB, New Delhi and Pharmaceutical industries.


Jayamukhi College of Pharmacy provides a conducive environment for learning and innovation. We commit to make every effort at Jayamukhi to lead the student on a journey of self-discovery and learning. Teachers at JCP will serve as role models and mentors as well as sources of expertise and knowledge. They are trained to assist students in integrating their academic successes with important professional and life skills. The goal of the institute is to develop all-round capabilities in students, both as individuals and as team players, by exposing them to a variety of professional activities.

Dr. S. Vasudeva Murthy


Jayamukhi College of Pharmacy has been a forerunner in identifying educational demands and combining knowledge with professional expertise. JCP is one of the most prestigious Higher Education Institutions in Telangana today , with a reputation for high-quality facilities, students, and alumni. We ensure a futuristic strategy that maintains pace with shifting trends in the professional world through our global perspective by maintaining a team of core faculty members who are constantly pushing the boundaries of knowledge. Our prime objective is to provide and to achieve success by working tirelessly to improve academic quality and diversity on our campus. Leading such a pioneering educational institution is a great opportunity, privilege, and honour to me.

Ch. Devender Reddy

Secretary and Correspondent